Smt. Jayamma, being a holy woman of the past (1 Peter 3:5 ) honored Christ in every aspect of her life:

. as an obedient wife like Sarah
. as a nurturing mother like Eunice
. as a homemaker like Ruth
. as a diligent listener like Lydia
. as a sprit filled ruler like Deborah
. as a philanthropist like Dorcas
. as a giver like Mary
. as a Worshiper like Miriam
. as a gentle grandmother like Naomi
. as a widow like praying Anna…  



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"The most beloved mother",
by Smt. B. Vimala Reddy
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She finished her course on the earth and was promoted into glory. Our humble request to the readers is to follow her as an example as Paul requested in Hebrews 13:7. May God be with you!


Proverbs 31:30 - A woman that feareth the LORD, shall be praised