Birth, Childhood & Marriage


Smt. Jayamma was born in July 1930 at Peddakudala, a village near Pulivendla. Her parents were Smt. Mariamma and Sri Subba Reddy.

At a very early age her father passed away and left the family in destitute condition. So her mother went to Balapanur to stay with her first cousin Sri Y.S. Venkat Reddy. He was a humble Christian who looked after them.

He introduced them to Rev. Satya Joseph and their family who hence forth took care of them. They were the spiritual parents of her. She studied in Pulivendula and Jammalamadugu London Mission Schools till her seventh standard. Later she went to Bentick School at Madras.

She was interested in rendering social service in the slums which the school encouraged. She used to gather children, wash and dress them in clean clothes, and teach them about Christ. She was able to complete her S. S. L. C. with flying colors.



           Smt. and Sri  Y. S. Raja Reddy

Rev. Satya Joseph family played an important role in fixing the marriage Smt. Jayamma with Sri Y.S. Raja Reddy who was the fourth son of Sri Y.S. Venkata Reddy. God blessed them with five sons and a daughter who are blessed abundantly because of her prayers.