Loving her Family

Smt. Y.S. Jayamma was a very good wife and tried her best to keep her husband comfortable. She used to pray a lot for him as he led a very busy life, which was a bit dangerous, at times, while he opposed the bad people and tried for the betterment of society.


                   Smt. Jayamma with her family

He always testified that his prosperity and safety were based on her prayers.

She took the responsibility of looking after all the family members and relatives to reduce his mental stress. Her nature of love is just like it is written in 1 Corinthians 13:4–7Love is patient, love is kind.

She was so selfless that all her children, daughters–in–law and grand children felt it a privilege to look after her but all that we can say is that she never gave us an opportunity to look after her at all!

She was a very dedicated and loving mother. She spent all her life serving and loving children and always praying for their welfare. The Bible clearly teaches that children are a gift of the Lord (Psalms 127:3). She tried her best to lead them all in God’s way. She taught the values of life and brought them up as good citizens. Because of her strong foundation, today all her children are walking in Christ’s path.

As written in Titus 2:4-5, she fulfilled her role as an obedient wife and loving mother.