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The most beloved mother Book is spiritually effective.

Rev. N. Yesupadam – Ph: 9948059187


Book is spiritually good.

D. Simoun – Ph: 9392237307


Book is spiritually good. From all the sides book is effective. She was a good prayer warrior (we want to be like her). Quality, design, printing, photos of this book is good.

BSF Members


Each and every paragraph shows her fullness of Christ and love. We should take her as spiritual mother in all the matters.

P. Kondaiah, DGM of BSNL

She is a good prayer warrior. Jesus had 12 disciples had if He had women disciples� Smt. Y.S. Jayamma could be the first. Each and every letter in the book to glorifies Christ Jesus.

Ravi Kumar Bose – Ph: 9347509573


Book is very precious, we are praying for Y.S.R. and we want more books.

Pastor from ECIL Kamala nagar – Ph: 9441496500


Her life is simple and Christ centered.

Pastor John Isaac shapur – Ph: 9390021611


I hearded it to our church members, it is so spiritual.

Pastor Adam, Jeedimetla – Ph: 9247361127