Quotations from her family members.

“The qualities of discipline and concern for the fellow humans that I inculcated are only due to her upbringing. She surely must have inspired scores of women into being revered mothers.”

                                                                                                - Y.S. Raveendranath Reddy

“My mother–in–law’s prayers have become blessings to us.”

                                                                                               - Y. S. Jaya Raveendranath Reddy

“Jeji introduced us to Jesus Christ and the Bible and we have her prayers behind our spiritual growth. We love jeji for giving us such a good foundation.”

                                                                                            - Grand children: Sunil, Jagan, Anil, 
                                                                                              Raagdeep,  Vini and Sumadhur.

“She always told us stories from the Bible and made sure we went to Church for Sunday school. She did her part well in


grooming me in the Lord.”

- Sharmila  (Daughter of Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy)

“Jeji has a special place in all our hearts. She inculcated in us the right values, that we will carry with us all our lives.”

- Suneetha, (Daughter of Y. S. Vivekananda Reddy)

“Ammamma was an amazing woman. She came as close to Godliness as any human could.”

- Divya,  (Daughter of B. Vimala Reddy)

“I am very proud to be her grandson.”

- Yuvraj,   (Son of B. Vimala Reddy)

“She was my Spiritual guide in enriching my spiritual knowledge and imbibing in me compassion and consideration for people who are in need.”

Shravanthi, (Wife of Yuvraj)